5. Go for ‘No.’

Everyone yearns to hear “Yes,” but the way you handle hearing “No” will make you great.

Most people only set their sights on “Yes” targets throughout their day; they worry about hearing “No,” and feel deflated when it happens. But in trying to avoid “No,” you place too much pressure on yourself, leaving you uptight, not having fun, and ultimately, less successful.

I learned that “No” is an important part of the “Yes Process.” Embrace it. Rather than avoiding “No,” I learned to “Go for No!” It became my primary goal to reach each day. The difference between “Wanting No” and “Avoiding No” made all the difference. My natural fear of rejection practically went away. I became better, faster, and made a lot more money.

Remember: all of the “Yeses” you want are buried in a sea of “No’s.” Set a goal for how many “No’s” should you target each day. “Go for No!” I bet it’ll become the number one habit that builds your empire. — Shaun Rawls, lifelong entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Rawls Consulting

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/310691