7. Tolerate ambiguity

Successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: a high tolerance for ambiguity. While most people take paths that lead to predictable outcomes, entrepreneurs trailblaze their own paths toward destinations that only exist in their hearts and minds. You must hold fast to your vision, regardless of how improbable, unproven, or uncertain the journey may be.

As an entrepreneur, to create something that never previously existed, you risk what the rest of the world is unwilling to sacrifice: money, pride, and ego. Along the way, you’re constantly told “No,” “You can’t,” and, “That’s impossible.”

Rather than letting uncertainty hurt your confidence, use uncertainty like fire to forge your resolve and accomplish what others said was impossible. — Shaun Rawls, lifelong entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Rawls Consulting

Source: http://time.com/money/5172830/8-traits-successful-people-have-in-common/