5. Try an energy assessment

Eating well, getting quality sleep, and exercise are the first habits that start slipping when you’re overwhelmed. With a little determination, they’re pretty easy to get back on track; so start there. Make quiet time for yourself before and after work to plan, pray, meditate, exercise, and read instead of bolting to the office as soon as you wake up. Even 30 minutes of this will do wonders for your energy.

Then try my Energy Assessment. Ask yourself: Who and what adds to your energy and quality of life, both personally and professionally? Who and what subtracts from it? Who and what multiplies it? Finally, who and what sucks the life out of you? Write this down. Figure out how to spend more time with the people and on the tasks that add to and multiply your energy. — Shaun Rawls, founder and CEO of Rawls Consulting; built The Rawls Group of Keller Williams to over $4 billion in annual sales; author of the upcoming book “‘F’-It-Less“; connect with Shaun on Facebook and Twitter

Source: BusinessInsider.com