One of the most memorable things I remember my dad telling me before he died is, “Things change.” We talked about this quite a bit in his final months on this earth. Things change. Nothing stays the same. Nothing is supposed to. Things get better or worse. Things grow or wither away. Things fall in our lap and things can disappear in an instant. Some things change that are outside of our control. Others change because we work on changing them for the better, and yet other things change because we don’t give them enough of our focus, time or attention.

The weather changes. The seasons change. The world is spinning all the time, and so are our lives. Our jobs change. Our housing changes. Our cars change. Our feelings change. Our friends change. Our relationships change. The list goes on and on.

I tend to believe that all change is ultimately good, whether we like it at the time or not. I’ve seen a lot of changes in my life, both personally and professionally. As a leader, it became quite clear to me that people who resist the tide of the ocean and who try to stop the waves…drown. Those who simply accept the waves and look for ways to navigate them not only stay afloat, but typically thrive. You will always find an upside to change if you are looking for it.

What in your life would you like to see change for the better? How could your relationships, your business, your health, your habits and/or your skills change for the better if you focused on changing them for the better? And if you don’t, will you be okay if they erode or experience a gravitational pull in the opposite direction? Either way, they’re going to change.

The shows you love, the games you play, the books you read…you love them because they constantly change. It’s their twists and turns and highs and lows and love and loss and successes and failures that keep us on the edge of our seat. Why should our lives be any different? Why would we WANT our lives to be any different?

If we are changing, then we are living. If we are changing, then we are growing. If we are changing, then we are gaining perspective. If we are changing, then we are experiencing the stage fright that precedes a stellar performance and produces a standing ovation. If we are changing, then we are teaching ourselves that we are bigger than our circumstances, that we always have a choice. And we ALWAYS have a choice in how we address and respond to change. Always.

The term “lead generation” makes some people sick at the thought of it, while it makes others excited. Some people hear the word “emotional” and think that it means “sad,” or “angry,” while others think it means “love” and “passion.” And while many people think of change as a steamroller, others see it as a hammer or a tool they can use to help them get what they want.

“Things change.” In fact, everything changes. Change, like many things in life, will be everything you decide it to be. We will always collect the evidence we need to prove ourselves and our decisions right.

“Change is good.”

“Be the change you want to see.”

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

“Everyone thinks of changing, but no one thinks of changing.”

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Cheers to the changes in your life!